Let it ฿: John Lennon’s son hopes for Bitcoin

Sean Ono Lennon, son of John Lennon. believes that Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the few rays of hope in the otherwise bleak year 2020. This and more has recently been revealed to the public in a podcast by Max Keiser.

Sean Ono Lennon likes Bitcoin (BTC). The son of the Beatles‘ founder and co-lead singer, Sean Ono Lennon is a British-American musician and songwriter who has released several albums. Apart from following in his father’s musical footsteps, Sean Ono Lennon is apparently also a big Bitcoin fan.

During a conversation in the Orange Pill Podcast moderated by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, Lennon admitted that he first bought Bitcoin Revolution four years ago. At that time, however, he made a beginner’s mistake and lost the private key for his BTC. Therefore S. Lennon unfortunately cannot access it anymore.

Despite his bad experiences, he is a staunch supporter of digital gold.

Bitcoin is something that empowers people in a way that has never been seen before. Even if you had gold, you would have to carry it in a sack and someone could simply steal it from you.

Moreover, according to S. Lennon, BTC would allow people to be completely independent and at the same time bring with it great responsibility.
Sean Ono Lennon: „Bitcoin gives me hope

In addition, S. Lennon and Keiser discussed the major events that took place in 2020. More specifically, they talked about the COVID 19 pandemic and its impact on the world.

Amidst all the negativity, S. Lennon found new optimism in Bitcoin.

In a sea of destruction that was this year, I found a kind of optimism in Bitcoin.

He thinks that Bitcoin gives people strength. That makes him extremely optimistic about the future of humanity. Although there are so many negative developments in the world, he believes in a better future through inventions like Bitcoin.

However, the musician was hesitant about how Bitcoin could disrupt the traditional financial system and what governments would do about it to stay in power. Max Keiser then assured that many people within government institutions are already supporters of Bitcoin.

According to him, the recently elected senator of the state of Wyoming, Cynthia Lummis, is a prime example of this. Lummis is a long-time BTC-Hodler and is considered a proponent of crypto currencies. Recently she noted that she is fighting to make sure that everyone understands the great value of Bitcoin.